Verskin keyboard protector MacBook Pro retina 13/15

Product Features:

  • Real Zero Distance
  • Perfect Antibacterial Performance
  • A Modest Guard
  • Considerate design


VerSkin Keyboard Protector

Design For : MacBook Pro 13″/15″

Including:Keyboard Protector


Product Features:

* Real Zero Distance
Ultra-thin design, lighter and thinner, only 0.3mm thick, cling close to the keyboard and bring users pleasant feel when typing.

* Perfect Antibacterial Performance
With embedded antibacterial protection, effectively kill bacteria and prevent them from spreading on the film, and bring a real clean working zone.

* A Modest Guard
Guard against dust and dirt, effectively prevent liquid, powder dusts and foreign matters from entering the keyboard so as to extent its service life.

* Considerate design
Made of ultra-touch material, not influence typing, and can even reduce the noise of keyboard; after a long time of use, wash the film and it will become new again for reuse.


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