RhinoShield Crash Guard Bumper for iPhone 6/6s (Blue)

  • Bumper Protects Edges and Corners
  • Internal Honeycomb Structure
  • Air-Filled Compartments Absorb Impacts
  • Less than 0.1″ Thick
  • Weighs 0.4 oz
  • 0.02″ Lip Lifts Phone Away from Dust
  • Fully Accessible Buttons
  • Oversized Port Openings


Show off your iPhone 6/6s while keeping it safe with the blue Crash Guard from Rhino Shield. This slim bumper is made with Egg Drop technology, which covers the edges of your device with a custom polymer shaped into a honeycomb structure. Within the honeycomb, compartments filled with pressurized air act as airbags, absorbing impact energy and redirecting it into the honeycomb instead of into your phone.

The Crash Guard adds minimal bulk to your device. It measures less than a tenth of an inch thick and weighs 0.4 oz. Its exterior’s matte finish resists scratches and improves grip, and a 0.02″ lip lifts the device up and away from dust and grit when placed on flat surfaces. The buttons remain fully accessible, and oversized port openings accept most headphone jacks and third-party chargers.


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