Mipow BTL300 PlayBulb Candle White


  • Multiple devcies controllable
  • LED changes color on shake
  • Bluetooth remote enabled
  • PLAYBULB X App control
  • Blow off/on
  • Indoor/Outdoor, safe at night
  • iOS or Android
  • Colorful LED light




PLAYBULB candle is a mobile App controlled device that liberates our imagination over colors. With PLAYBULB candle, you can now freely create your own unique flame at anytime anywhere. It is handy, smart and safe. Download PLAYBULB X App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store to maximise your fun with PLAYBULB candle.

PLAYBULB candle is Smart
With PLAYBULB X app, PLAYBULB candle is intelligent. Lighting control and color changing is at your finger tips. PLAYBULB X App supports iPhone 4S or above, iPad 3 or above, iPod 5th generation or above (running iOS7) and Android 4.3 or above (with Bluetooth 4.0).

Blow it Out Like a Real Candle
You can blow out or blow on a PLAYBULB candle just a like you do with a real candle.

The Perfect Night Light
PLAYBULB candle is a safe night light perfect for everyone. It’s flameless and therefore it’s safe for accompanying kids to sleep. You can also set timer to save battery power.

Handy & Portable
Driven by 3 AA batteries, PLAYBULB candle is light-weighted. It’s highly portable, perfectly suiting both indoor and outdoor use.


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