iLuv AI6SELFBK Cell Phone Case for iPhone 6 Black

  • Fits iPhone 6 4.7″
  • Removable wireless camera shutter allows taking better, steadier pictures & videos
  • Perfect for self-portraits & group photos
  • Shutter is conveniently stored in the back of the case & slides out for use
  • No software or app installation required-just pair the shutter to phone via Bluetooth


Introducing the iPhone 6 4.7-In. self Dual-Layer Case with Bluetooth Remote Shutter (Black) from iLuv. It is a wireless remote camera shutter integrated with a dual-layer iPhone case! This unique design protects your phone and lets you capture your favorite moments like never before. Slide the shutter out from the case and enjoy taking photos and videos without struggling to reach your phone’s camera button. When you’re done, just slide the shutter back into the case. The integrated design means the shutter is always with you and ready to use no matter what the occasion.


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